Brief Guide to Spin Casting in Edmonton

Pipes made from corrugated metal cannot last forever and will inevitably need to be repaired or replaced. If reinforcements and repairs are required for your culverts or sewer pipes, commercial spin casting in Edmonton is an ideal solution. The process works to create a new concrete pipe inside your existing system. The result is a waterproof, corrosion protected pipe system that can extend or even double the life of your current sewer pipelines.

The process for commercial spin casting begins with an inspection by a trained technician from your concrete company in Edmonton. From there, they will be able to make a full recommendation based on the depth, water load, and current state of your pipes. This process will determine the thickness, length, and preparations required for a successful pipe reinforcement or reconstruction. Once a project plan has been agreed upon, washing and repairs to the existing metal, brick, clay, or concrete pipes will be completed. Once stable, mortar is piped in to create a seal and secure the structure. Afterwards, a spin caster is used to centrifugally cast the pipe in concrete. “Centrifugally” means that force from the centre is used to evenly spread and apply the concrete. In the end, you will have a customized thickness and a seamless and fast finish. It only takes a few hours to set so that service can be resumed as soon as possible.

3 Advantages of Spin Casting in Edmonton
If you require repairs for your septic pipes, consider spin casting or centrifugal rubber mold casting as a great option to get the job done and rely on your fix for years to come. Osco Mudjacking and Shotcreting Ltd. can provide spin casting in Edmonton.

Weigh the following benefits into your decision for repairs:

  • Affordable – Other alternatives, such as cured-in place liners, are very expensive to implement. Spin casting offers an affordable alternative that won’t force you to dedicate your entire budget to unexpected repairs.
  • Convenient – Digging, trenching, and other disruptive methods are often required to make the necessary repairs for your pipes. Without disrupting traffic, creating an entire construction zone, or tearing up an entire property line, spin casting can provide the outcome and stability you require. Quick drying results allow as little disruption as possible without sacrificing results. Contact a concrete company in Edmonton for an assessment and to find out how minimally invasive repairs can be completed.
  • Low Risk – The system lasts a very long time and is structurally sound. It is environmentally-sound and is designed specifically for corrosion protection. The process can be stopped and started at any time, allowing you to get the results you want in the area or section of pipe that needs it most. Avoid hazardous and extensive construction that relies on cooperative weather and limit the risk of flooding and other water issues.

Experienced Concrete Companies Provide Commercial Spin Casting in Edmonton
Osco Mudjacking & Shotcreting Ltd. offers spin casting in Edmonton and a range of other concrete services. Whether you require fast foundation repairs for an older property or are interested in establishing a new building project, our team has the knowledge and resources to complete the task on-time and on-budget. From concrete pipe repairs to shotcreting and pressure grouting, our experts can offer an assessment, guidance, and trusted outcomes for your concrete work.

Contact us online today or call us at 780-469-1234. You can also request an estimate online for reliable commercial spin casting in Edmonton.