How Long Does Mudjacking Last?

Concrete repairs can be extensive and intensive, and no one likes to get the same fix multiple times within a short timeframe. If you need commercial mudjacking or other concrete repairs in Edmonton, you may be curious about how long you can rely on this solution. It is an important question to ask, but the answer requires a little bit of background information to get a better picture of your property and what caused the damage in the first place.

4 Questions to Determine if Mudjacking in Edmonton is Suitable for Your Property

Consider the following four questions in order to find out how long your repairs will last and give your concrete company a solid understanding of the best way to proceed. Here are four questions you may be asked when you explain your current concrete problems to the mudjacking experts at Osco Mudjacking and Shotcreting:
  1. How old is your house or commercial property? – The age of your property will be useful for understanding how long mudjacking work will be effective and how quickly the current state of erosion progressed. The previous rate of erosion can contribute to a more accurate prediction of how long repair work will be stable.
  2. How long did the concrete take to settle? - You may not have lived or worked at your current address for a long period of time or you may not have paid attention to the length of time the concrete has been settled. That is okay, but if you have a rough timeline of when you began noticing damage, it can be helpful to identify the best solution.
  3. Did “critters” or downspouts contribute to the misalignment? – Critter troubles and misdirected downspouts can speed up the rate of erosion and lead to issues. Sometimes it can be as easy as redirecting a water line, but other times, critters and bugs can cause rapid, drastic damage. Concrete repairs are necessary, but so is addressing the underlying issue.
  4. What is the soil type? – New homes and commercial buildings often have an adjustment period where the soils settle and change after construction is completed. This adjustment time can lead to buckling, shifting, or otherwise altered concrete.

No matter how you answer the questions above, there are some average times that you can expect your concrete repairs to endure. On average, older properties in Edmonton that have commercial mudjacking completed will usually see repairs last between 8 to 10 years. Newer properties where the concrete has taken less time to settle will typically last 5 to 7 years, or longer, depending on the root cause and how the homeowner or property manager maintains the space. Assuming all underlying issues are addressed, mudjacking repairs can easily last the life span of your concrete.

Find Out More about Mudjacking in Edmonton
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