Minor Concrete Repairs for Your Property in Edmonton

Believe it or not, shifting concrete can be a normal part of weather fluctuations and property settling. Not all signs of change are cause for alarm, but some can be indicators of greater damage and should be given attention and concrete crack repairs as soon as possible. Read below to learn how to tell the difference and work with a commercial concrete company in Edmonton for a professional assessment and trusted advice. Osco Mudjacking & Shotcreting Ltd. can offer a thorough inspection of your property and easily determine the difference between a harmless concrete crack from expansion and shrinkage, or indicators of serious structural degradation.

How to Tell if You Need Commercial Concrete Repair Services in Edmonton

Keep these guidelines in mind as you check out your foundation and other concrete features of your commercial property. Turn to Osco Mudjacking & Shotcreting Ltd for a definitive answer and range of affordable solutions, including minor concrete repairs in Edmonton:

  • Change – Identifying major shifts and paying attention to changes is important, but every little difference does not need to send alarm bells ringing. Concrete is a porous material that will naturally expand on hot days and contract on cold days. When the temperature changes suddenly and dramatically, these changes may be more noticeable.
  • Size – The size of the crack is very important. Small cracks that are less than 3 mm in width are usually harmless, but should be monitored to ensure they do not become noticeably larger. Bigger cracks that extend further or have a larger width should be repaired promptly in order to limit their progression and limit the risk of infestation.
  • Concentration – If many thin cracks have begun appearing near each other, even if they are very thin, this could point towards a greater issue with the structure of the building. An experienced concrete company in Edmonton should be enlisted as soon as possible to determine the cause and identify the degree of any structural implications.
  • DIY Repairs – For small cracks less than 6 mm, you can purchase a concrete patch to conduct repairs on your own and implement a quick solution. Clean the area and use a patching paste to fully seal the problem spot. Choosing a product that offers a bit of elasticity will ensure the fix can stand up to weather changes and natural fluctuations in the concrete. Please Note: More often than not, DIY repairs of this nature are done incorrectly, which can cause more damage in the long run and/or require a more extensive repair. We always recommend contacting a professional when in doubt.

Timely, Professional Assessments for Concrete Crack Repairs in Edmonton

If you notice signs of damage in your concrete, contact Osco Mudjacking & Shotcreting Ltd. for assistance. We can provide a full assessment and guide you towards the best and most stable solution for your property. We provide concrete services that combine expertise with personalized recommendations, drawing on knowledge developed from years of training and experience. Our friendly technicians are trained and experienced in a variety of techniques and can offer a wide range of commercial concrete repairs and services to keep your property safe and functional today and in the future.

Contact us online today or call us at 780-469-1234. You can also request an estimate online for concrete crack repairs in Edmonton.