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Polyurethane Foam Lifting For Edmonton, Northern & Central Alberta

Polyurethane foam is the other option for lifting sunken concrete and filling voids. This system is ideal for use in situations such as inside finished buildings or confined areas. Osco Mudjacking & Shotcreting Ltd offers polyurethane foam for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

 5/8” holes are drilled through the concrete slab and the polyurethane resin material is pumped into these holes under pressure. The mixture flows into all available spaces beneath the slab expanding as it travels. As it settles, the material then begins its expansion process and as a result, lifting the slab. Once the process is complete, the injection holes are filled and the area is ready to be put back into service almost immediately, usually within 15-20 minutes.


Polyjacking is a cost-effective, and eco-friendly option to stabilize existing concrete slabs. Polyurethane foam has a wide range of advantages when compared to other concrete leveling methods. Get in touch with our team today for polyjacking services in Edmonton.

The advantages of polyjacking are:

  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly
  • Water repellant
  • Light weight
  • Extreme concrete lifting capability

Because it requires smaller access holes, polyurethane foam is also a good option for use in projects where appearance is an important factor, such as exposed aggregate driveways or sidewalks. If the base material under the slab is in water and saturated, the traditional mudjacking method would be better suited for that repair.

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