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Pressure Grouting

Pressure Grouting for Edmonton / Northern & Central Alberta

Pressure grouting is used to fill the voids left in, and around, abandoned pipes and culverts, to fill the annular space around liners (pipe within pipe) as well as between a pipe and its host soil.

Pressure grouting can also be used to fill voids in, under and around structures of almost any type.

Pressure grouting is the ideal method to fill voids left in, and around, pipes and structures of virtually any type, size, or length. It can also be used to stabilize under and around pipes and structures by compacting and densifying the ground.

Pressure grouting helps to prevent pipe and structure failure and collapse of important infrastructure above them such as roadways, railways, and bridge approaches.

what is Pressure Grouting?

The pipe or structure is dammed at all openings. Grout Injection Port Tubing is strategically installed to allow optimal grout installation. Air Vent Tubing is also installed allowing both displaced fluids and air to escape as grout is installed.

The grout is installed under controlled pressure and as it travels throughout the pipe, it displaces water and other fluids as well as trapped air. Once all fluids and air have been expelled out the vent tubes, grout will then be expelled ensuring the voids are filled and the operation is complete.

Pipe Abandonments, Utilities & Liners

Pressure grouting is a trenchless technology therefore it is significantly more cost effective and time saving compared to tearing out pipes or structures for repairs, replacement, or removal.

Fabric Formwork & Bag Grouting

Fabric formwork and bags are pressure grouted to create large, cast-in-place concrete “blocks” to provide superior shore protection and reduced labor requirements. These concrete bags can be used for many applications such as:

  • Drainage systems

  • Holding ponds

  • Ditch liners

  • Canals

  • Bank stabilization

  • Reservoirs

  • Flood control

Grout Mixes

Osco can create custom mix designs for almost any application including even the most demanding project needs such as: high-strength requirements, insulative, thermal conductive or resistive grouts, or mixes required to travel over long distances.

Learn More by Calling Our Office

Of course, each project has its own set of demands. To discuss your specific needs and learn more about our services, give our office a call. You can reach us at 780-469-1234. You may also send us your information through our request form. Either way, we will work promptly to ensure your needs are met and your questions answered.

Osco Mudjacking & Shotcreting is a 100% Alberta owned company. You can trust that you’ll be working with experts who know the local conditions and demands.

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