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PRESSURE GROUTING - Underground Pipe Abandonments

Pipe Abandonment Grouting for Edmonton / Northern & Central Alberta

Abandoned or decommissioned underground pipelines can create serious safety hazards and environmental problems. They are effectively voids beneath the surface of the earth that can cause subsidence and soil destabilization, as well as allow the ingress of groundwater, which can increase the likelihood of residual fluids leaking into public areas and cause the surrounding ground to collapse.

Osco Mudjacking & Shotcreting Ltd is able to produce many different types of grout mixes to provide an effective solution for underground pipe abandonments in Edmonton and throughout Alberta. Our methods of pressure grouting underground pipes ensure total displacement of fluids within the pipe. This process is carried out by initially installing grout plugs as well as the required injection and vent ports at each end of the pipe.

If you know or suspect that abandoned or decommissioned underground pipes are causing problems at your home or business, Osco Mudjacking & Shotcreting can help. Contact us today to schedule an onsite consultation and free estimate.

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