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Save Time & Money: Shotcreting Contractors for Edmonton / Northern & central Alberta

Though the two share many qualities, shotcrete differs from concrete in several important ways. While concrete must be placed on the ground or into forms and requires vibration for compaction, shotcrete demands neither. Shotcreting is a method of applying concrete at high velocity by way of high pressure nozzle, hose, and pump. It is stronger and denser than conventional concrete and provides an effective solution for the repair of many surfaces including concrete, whether vertical or sloped.

Shotcrete easily bonds to irregular surfaces, such as rough concrete, dirt and rock, and it attains a high strength in a short period of time. Shotcreting shoring with soil nails or rock anchors helps to reduce excavation costs by allowing material to be placed vertically with little or no slope. These factors allow for much more design freedom and flexibility of application and typically results in a savings of time and money.

Other benefits of using shotcrete include: 

  • Full access and visibility of reinforcing and concrete placement

  • As much as 30-50% faster when used in new construction

  • Eliminate need for cranes

  • Significant conventional formwork material savings – as much as 100%

Shotcrete Retaining Walls

Looking for retaining wall installations in Edmonton /Northern or Central Alberta? Your search ends here. Turn to OSCO Mudjacking & Shotcreting Ltd. for shotcrete retaining wall installations. Our shotcrete contractors in Edmonton are skilled and have the expertise to build a retaining wall or slope protection.

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